SiriusMax Advanced Curing System

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SiriusMax Advanced Curing System


Part No. SM12001

When we began work on SiriusMax, we considered every element that defines what an advanced curing system should be. More than just a curing light, an advanced curing system should combine power with precision, be engineered for high performance and durability, and provide enhanced ergonomics for easy placement in all areas of the mouth.

  • Swivel head for 90 degree delivery and accurate placement
  • Uniform collimated beam with large 10mm spot for deep, even curing
  • User-friendly system controls and super-bright LED display
  • Nine curing modes and three power levels
  • Rapid charging battery system for up to 500 curing cycles on a single charge
  • Onboard white-light transillumination
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Robust aluminum construction and thoughtful design ensure that SiriusMax will handle constant use day in and day out. The 180 degree swivel head directs the curing beam precisely where it needs to be while allowing you to stabilize the device properly and maintain a clear view of the activation and output selection controls.

Custom precision Dual-Core lens technology distributes the light output evenly across the large 10 mm lens surface while collimating the beam to achieve deep, uniform activation and complete polymerization.


Exposure Time and Power Output

Normal 10

10 seconds at 1200 mw/cm2

Normal 20

20 seconds at 1200 mw/cm2

Soft Start

15 seconds at 1400 mw/cm2

Pulse 5

5 seconds at 1400 mw/cm2

Pulse 10

10 seconds at 1400 mw/cm2

High Power

5 seconds at 1400 mw/cm2

Xtra Power 1

1 second at 3000 mw/cm2

Xtra Power 3

3 seconds at 3000 mw/cm2


10 x 3 seconds (0.5 sec pause) at 1400 mw/cm2

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