More than Just a Dental Curing Light

The SiriusMax is an advanced dental curing system like no other. Ergonomically sound, powerful, precise and comfortable for patients and clinicians, the SiriusMax delivers enhanced performance in a durable package. Nine curing modes and three power densities put you in complete control, ensuring you achieve the right cure every time. You can even customize the easy-to-read LED menu to your preferences.

From a Real User

A Great Product—Fast, Durable, And Affordable

Curing speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance. The thin swivel head makes access a breeze. Often curing lights have a large curved tip which is difficult in posterior regions and requires the patient to open ridiculously wide. The quick curing times of the Xtra power modes help with even the most wiggly children. It has a high tech, nonthreatening appearance and is easy to hold.

– Steven M. Partyka, BSC, MSc, DDS, GPR Cert.

Try SiriusMax risk-free for 30 days and see what an advanced curing system can do for you and your patients.


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